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Audi R8 GT4

Audi R8 GT4

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Curve appeal.

Designed with a sleek and muscular shape to optimize performance, the purposefully positioned rear spoiler controls the flow of air and increased downforce for high speed stability. Integrated neatly into the rear bumper, the diffuser helps to manage the air passing underneath the body, increasing downforce for added stability at high speeds.

The perfect co-pilot.

Effective safety features are in place so you don’t need to think about what those ‘what if’ scenarios and focus on achieving victory. Going above and beyond, the R8 LMS GT4 adds a layer of protection by enveloping the cockpit with in a steel roll-cage connected to the aluminum-CFRP hybrid Audi Space Frame. As an added safety measure, the top of the steel roll-cage also comes with an emergency roof hatch for quick and speedy recoveries. Now that’s a dynamic duo.


   Power: 495 HP   |   Torque: 550 Nm   |   0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds


For more information, please visit Audi Sport Canada.

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