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Event Media 4 | Brand Ambassador

Event Media 4 | Brand Ambassador

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Looking to highlight a big weekend for that special partner or client? Or want to launch a new partnership with a bang? The Brand Ambassador media package does just that with a custom curated list of deliverables:

  • 2 media coordinators to help facilitate content creation
  • 2 social media shorts (IG reel, YouTube short, etc)
  • 2 30s daily update videos
  • 4 driver/partner interviews
  • 2min weekend recap video
  • pre-event social short
  • 2 in-car GoPro's for added content
  • 30s partner highlight video
  • additional shooters available
  • 15-20 video clips
  • 20+ event photos 


Must be purchased 2 weeks prior to select event for planning & production purposes or subject to additional fees or service denial.

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